Chapter 3: Media as Environmental Education

Advertising is the dream life of corporations is term I have seen referenced in different places. I don’t know who coined it, but Sut Jhally makes this claim the film, The Ad and the Ego.

Consumer sublime is a concept developed by David E. Nye and can be explored in his book, American Technological Sublime.

TEK and environmental worldviews: for a good discussion of how cultures can have particular environmental worldviews, I recommend Devon G. Peña‘s Mexican Americans and the Environment.

Monoculture of the mind is a fantastic book by Vandana Shiva.

Sufficiency: Lynn Twist has an excellent discussion of this concept in The Soul of Money.

Shakira ad discussed in the book.

Whopper Virgins ad discussed in the book

Well-being and sustainability: The Handbook of Sustainability has several good chapters on this.

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