Because The Media Ecosystem is written in the spirit of a manifesto, it was an editorial decision to leave out a reference section and index. What follows, then, is a basic list of references for each section of the book. This is not a complete list, but meant to inspire further links beyond the book’s text, and to also acknowledge the source of many key ideas used throughout the book.

If you feel a reference is missing or you would like to suggest additional resources, please post a comment below and every effort will be made to update this list.

A note on links: Whenever possible I tried to link to the author or publisher’s original Web site. When no other links were available, I linked to I created an online Amazon store for all the books listed below. Any purchases made there or through this indy bookstore link will help support my work.

Click on the links below to see references for each chapter:

Pretext: Reoccupying the Collective Imagination

Chapter 1: Green Cultural Citizenship

Chapter 2: Mediating the World System

Chapter 3: Media as Environmental Education

Chapter 4: Evolving Media Ecosystems

Chapter 5: Gardening Media Ecosystems

Chapter 6: Mediating an Earth Democracy

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  1. Elizabeth MacMahon-Herrera

    Dear Antonio,

    Your book has put hope the need for vigilance and action all on equal plains
    All doable and needed.
    Thanks again for the Down to earth analysis, your commitment and inspiration.

    So very good to have seem you your partner and children.

    Which is best place to email you?


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