Towards a low carbon Internet

One of the points I make in my book, The Media Ecosystem, is that in order to truly green media we need to move towards a carbonless infrastructure. The fossil fuel economy has a nefarious influence on content (the majority of ads promote CO2 emitting commodities like cars) and also how the data cloud is powered. It’s possible that the P2P infrastructure of the Net can also be replicated in a decentralized power system. As the Green Internet and Cyber-Infrastructure blog proposes:

One possible reward system is to provide homeowners with free fiber to the home or free wireless products and other electronic services such as ebooks and eMovies if they deploy micro renewable energy sources for their ICT equipment. Not only does the consumer benefit, but this business model also provides new revenue opportunities for network operators, optical equipment manufacturers, and eCommerce application providers.

The Greenstar Network has already prototyped how a green Internet could work. Awesome!
H/T Michel Bauwens

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